Baintech Powertop 12V 100Ah

Baintech Powertop


The Baintech Powertop plug-and-play system features a 12v 100Ah gel battery, a built battery charger and a range of different sockets – giving you the ability to connect to your power anywhere anytime.  The Baintech Lockon Socket is a revolutionary design which ensures your gear stays connected on the roughest of trips.  Simply turn the plug clockwise and the locking mechanism engages, ensuring all your essential gear can stay connected, even on the roughest treks!


  • Quality – 12v 100Ah Gel Battery
  • Easy – Off the shelf ready to use, all in one system
  • Innovative – Features the NEW Baintech.  LockOn Socket
  • Convenient – Volt Meter with low volt alarm warning
  • Versatile – 3 charging inputs: AC, DC and Solar
  • Safe – thermal resttable breaker
  • Reliable – 1 Year Warranty

We now have the Baintech Powertop in stock at our showroom, so come and see us for the latest in battery technology for you’re next adventure!

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