Mickey Thompson Tyres

Baja Radial ATZ P3

New level of all-terrain performance – 50% Road & Sand, 50% Dirt & Mud

The new ATZP3 heralds a new breed of performance in an all-terrain tyre as it combines unique design elements, technology and engineering. With that combination this tyre crosses between being an all-terrain and mud terrain tyre to give you the grip and performance when you need it while retaining remarkable on-road traction and low noise characteristics to get you down the road in comfort.

All Baja Radial ATZP3 sizes feature PowerPly technology.

Bevelled Edges for reduced stone retention and improved cut-n-chip resisitance.
Shoulder elements create a low optimised pitch sequence which reduces noise frequency, allowing for a quiet ride and even wear.
Wide Open Lateral and Offset Circumferential grooves, provide biting edges excellent off-road traction and self-cleaning while on-road clear water quickly.
Stone Ejector Ribs to help reduce stone retention and resist stone drilling.
Enhanced Buttress and Abrasion Resistant Rib design provide a rugged appearance and additional off-road traction as well as further protection against lig tearing.
Self-Cleaning, Alternation Shoulder Scallops held to provide additional off-road traction in soft or boggy conditions.
Carefully placed ultra-thin sipes help reduce stone retention and aide in cut-n-chip resistance maintaining all season performance for the life of the tread.

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