Hi Lift Jacks


Photography by Offroad Images 2007 - http://www.offroadimages.com.au - (02) 9543 0088

Suited to a multitude of applications off road and around the home, the Hi-Lift jack is a versatile tool that can be used to get your vehicle out of some of the most precarious situations imaginable.

ARB is the sole Australian distributor of the original Hi-Lift brand, which has been made in the USA since 1905.  With a capacity of 1050kg, the Hi-Lift is made from high yield and tensile strength grades of malleable and ductile castings, the same durable metal that the manufacturer has used for over 100 years.  Once you’ve owned and used one, you’ll think of it as a trusted friend.

 Click here to watch Pat Callinan demonstrate the Hi-Lift Jack


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