Bushranger Max Air III




Specially designed as a quick and easy, inflation and deflation compressor for all your air-supply needs. You can simply use this compressor without the need to constantly turn it on and off. It is fantastic for use on tyres and offers not only fast inflation and ease of use, but is manufactured to the highest standards of quality and backed with a 5 year no-fuss warranty. This compressor is also great for use in an onboard air system, you can simply hard-mount the compressor and fasten it to a tank, as the pressure switch is already installed.

Convenient Compressor Operation
• Trigger style inflation gun with locking lever
• Built in deflator button on trigger
• Easy to use. Use your compressor without needing to turn it on or off due to the built-in pressure switch (Off at 150psi ±5% and on at 0-120psi ±5%)
• Can easily adjust your tyre pressures up or down to suit any terrain (road, sand, mud, rocks)
• Supplied with 3 additional nozzles. Handy for inflating footballs, basketballs, bicycle tyres etc.Portable for use in any vehicle

Suits any 12V application utilising battery clamps and has a total reach of over 11.5m (2.5m power cord and 9.4m hose) to reach your vehicle, caravan, trailer, boat trailer and other vehicles.  Robust carry/storage bag for compressor protection and storage

Built to last through the toughest conditions and backed by a 5 Year Warranty

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