ARB Boot or Pet Swag

Dog Swag



Designed to sit alongside your SkyDome swag or tent, the ARB BootSwag provides a sheltered enclosure for storage of footwear and other items, including small dogs!  One of our regular customers at Taree Off Road purchased the ARB Boot Swag for her dog for when they are on the road, and she sent us this great photo of Mini the poodle!

When designing the new range of SkyDome swags, the boot mat found on numerous other swags was intentionally omitted due to the nature of these flaps getting dirty and soiling the swag when rolled up.

The BootSwag is ARB’s creative solution to this challenge and features a zippered front flap, large boot mat and a dome section made from waterproof Oxford fabric. Being a standalone item, the BootSwag can also be used with other touring products including the ARB roof top tents where it can be placed at the foot of the ladder.


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